Holy Land

News Update on the Holy Land

November 2018


Dear friends,
we are bringing a number of groups on pilgrimage to the Holy Land during this time, alongside many other pilgrims who are going to the Holy Land from many places in the world. Let us together pray for justice and peace for all peoples in the Holy Land and throughout the Middle East. And we can once again testify to the atmosphere of tranquillity and security and to the intensity of the spirit of prayer in the Holy Land at this time. Pope Francis, in the Ecumenical Prayer for Peace  which took place in Bari in the presence of numerous  Patriarchs of the Eastern Churches, told us:

“The faith of the lowly, so deeply rooted in the Middle East, is the wellspring from which we can draw water to drink and to be purified. This is always the case whenever we return to our origins and go as pilgrims to Jerusalem, the Holy Land or the shrines of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and the other holy places in the region”.

“Let us pray as one, begging the Lord of heaven for that peace which the powerful of our world have not yet been able to find. From the waters of the Nile to the Jordan Valley and beyond, through the Orontes to the Tigris and the Euphrates, may the plea of the Psalm resound: “Peace be upon you!” (122:8). For all our suffering brothers and sisters, and for our friends of every people and creed, let us say again and again: Peace be upon you! With the Psalmist, let us offer this prayer in a special way for Jerusalem, the holy city beloved of God and wounded by men, for which the Lord continues to weep: Peace be upon you!”.

We invite everyone to come on pilgrimage to the Holy Land to experience the desire of peace that is present in the hearts of believers.

On this website we you will always find an up to date statement on the situation in the Holy Land.

Thank you!

Fr. Giovanni Biallo and Fr. John D'Orazio

Pastoral Center of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi

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