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News update from the Holy Land

December 2018

Dear friends,
during this time those who go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land discover that truly the Son of God was born of a woman, of Mary by childbirth as any other child. In Jesus everything that a human person can live is lived by a divine person. Let us go to Bethlehem to meditate in our hearts that everything that is truly human reveals God to us and tells of his true identity.

The Prince of Peace comes among us and together with many other pilgrims from around the world let us pray for justice and peace among all the nations of the Earth.

Yet once again we can give witness that pilgrimages to the Holy Land are being conducted in all security with an atmosphere of utmost serenity.

Every believer is called to mantain a special relationship with the Land of Jesus, and so we invite everyone to come to the Holy Land so as to express our desire for peace.

On this website you will find a continuous news update on the situation. Thank you!


Fr. Giovanni Biallo and Fr. John D'Orazio

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi - Pastoral Center

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Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi is at the service of the faithful and of Italian and foreign visitors who, in following the invitation from Pope Francis, wish to undertake a journey towards Rome, towards the main Shrines in Italy and around the world, towards the Holy Land and towards Missionary territories.

Roma Cristiana

In the heart of the Eternal City to discover  the landmarks, symbols of Christianity, and  the memories of great  witnesses of Faith.
Pope Francis invites us, now that the Jubilee of Mercy has come to an end, to look ahead and see how to continue to experience with faithfulness, joy and enthusiasm the richness of divine mercy.