Our Pilgrimages for the year 2021

Journey with us across the paths of Faith in search of the treasures of history and spirituality, in Italy, in Europe, and in many other places around the world.



Eventi Diocesani

Ci sono luoghi che attirano molte persone. Tanti riconoscono infatti che proprio lì possono incontrare il Signore e sperimentare la sua misericordia. Sono i luoghi che hanno visto nascere e crescere Gesù, dove ancora risuona la sua parola, oppure quelli dove Maria ha mostrato la sua maternità, donando parole di sostegno e di consolazione ai suoi figli. Questi luoghi ci appartengono, perché lì ci sentiamo compresi ed accolti e riscopriamo  il desiderio di pregare e di stare uniti al Signore. La bellezza della natura e dell’arte completano la suggestione. Sono i luoghi dello Spirito, che vogliamo vivere come Comunità Cristiana della Diocesi di Roma accompagnati dai nostri pastori in un cammino di vera comunione.


Come on pilgrimage with us and discover places where God's presence has been made manifest through His Son Jesus and through Mary the Mother of God. One of the reasons for going on a pilgrimage, is to seek for something or better yet to meet with Someone, and at the same time share the intense spiritual experiences with our fellow pilgrims.

Journeys of the Spirit

These are experiences that you can live on your own, as a couple, as a family or with your friends. While having the freedom to follow your own desires and interests, we will also offer expert guides which will assist in visiting Jerusalem, the Land of Jesus, and the major marian shrines of christian tradition, so as to live a full spiritual experience while discovering the history, the culture, and the traditions of these holy places.

Pilgrim Trails

 "As we set out on our path, we leave behind our ego, and the securities that we cling to, but with a clear goal in mind, not to just wander about, or walk in circles without getting anywhere. The voice of the Lord calls upon us, and we welcome his calling as pilgrims who are intent on listening and seeking, such that the journey that we undertake might bring us to meet with God, with neighbour and with ourselves.” 

Papa Francesco


You can never see enough of Rome. There is always some sidestreet, square, fountain or view that captivates you, that enchants you and invites you to stay and take in its eternal beauty.

Memories of the Roman Empire are situated alongside places that bear witness to the history of christianity, from memories of the Apostles to those of so many saints throughout the ages. It is home to the universal Church.