Pilgrims and turists in the Eternal City

Vatican&Rome welcomes you: a city waiting to be discovered... the sites of the Apostles, the Martyrs, the Saints, a privileged chance to rediscover and experience the eternal originality of the Gospel in the city. The city: its history, its beauty, your experience. Itineraries on board the Vatican&Rome Open Buses, walking itineraries with innovative multimedia tools, facilitated entries to sites of great religious and cultural importance, flexible services for the use of urban public transportation, information and support available across the city. All of this and more...

Alongside the classic routes, we also want to offer you a new way to discover and above all “experience” the immense patrimony of this city: our “Experience” routes, planned down to the last detail - in terms of texts, music, tools used and places selected - so that you can discover Rome from a very particular perspective, reliving the stories, great and small, that have made this city the great centre of Christianity. You can select visits and itineraries to suit your needs, building a personal journey of discovery. The historic sites of the city and the immense cultural patrimony of the Vatican, a lasting and unique storyline, as exceptional as the sensations experienced by those discovering the Eternal City.
We are waiting to accompany you!